FLEXbay Desktop Charger

The Richcom Power FLEXbay Universal Smart Charging System is an affordable, expandable rugged modular design that enables the user to configure and charge multiple LMR radio batteries within the same flexible system.

Product Documents

Manufacturer Battery Radio Model
JVCKenwood KNB-33L TK3140, TK3148, TK3160, TK2170, TK3170, TK2360, TK3360, TK-2180,
TK-3180, NX-210, NX-411
JVCKenwood KNB-57L NX220, NX320, NX420, NX3200, NX3220, NX3300, NX3320, TK2160,
TK2170, TK2173, TK2360, TK3160, TK3170, TK3173, TK3360
JVCKenwood KNBL2 NX5200, NX5300, NX5400, TK5230, TK5330, TK5430
EF Johnson KNBL2 VP5330, VP5230, VP5430, VP6230, VP6330, VP6430
ICOM BP-283/4 IC-F7040T, IC-F7040S, IC-F7010/IC-F7020, IC-F3400D/IC-F4400D
ICOM PP-290/4 IC-F52D, IC-F62D, IC-M85, IC-M85E
Harris XL200 XL-185P, XL-185Pi, XL-200P, XL-200Pi